Project Description

Powder Room / Half Bath Remodel

From this…
To this…
Powder rooms can be tricky to design. They’re so small and it’s easy to think of it as an unimportant space when it comes to the choice of fixtures as well as the accessories. But with the right ideas and tools, even the most out-dated powder room spaces can be transformed into a stunning space, one that you will be proud of. See how we did it—and feel free to steal, copy, leverage or build on any of these powder room design ideas for your own home.

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Where it all began…

This powder room sits smack bang in the center of the back half of the house.  If its door is open you can literally see the toilet from the front door.  It physically separates the kitchen from the office/second living area and forms a bit of a bottleneck area of about 5ft x 3ft between what is the front and back of house where it creates a closed pathway from the foyer resulting in a really tricky angle to get furniture into the office space!

Even with its less than optimal current positioning it is an essential element for us to have on the ground floor unless we want to direct guest to use a bathroom that can only be entered off a bedroom, upstairs.

After living in the house for over 12 months and seeing a full seasonal cycle of weather, lifestyle and visitors and how this room fitted in with these, it is obvious that in the long term this needs to be relocated.

With this powder-room being a small space it proved to be a good starting place to develop some DIY skills and get in some practice with basic tools…. which we need to get better at as this is room #1 and the remodeling continues throughout the house!

Using budget friendly techniques such as peel & stick vinyl and painted tiles, plus contemporary influences of matte black and a touch of gold in the fittings and fixtures (all found online) this room has been transformed into a welcoming space that even our guests can appreciate.