We architect and build innovative technology solutions through use of open source and mature commercial platforms.  To meet the needs of the modern day business while addressing cost objectives we are finding that proven open source technologies are becoming a core component of what clients want from a solution.

UI Design

We have a team who loves all things design.  Utilizing a methodology that includes wire framing as soon as possible in the process we feel that the adage “a picture is worth 1000 words” to be extremely accurate when locking down requirements as it prompts dialogue and provides focus for discussion.


Bringing life to designs through building databases and coding websites or mobile applications to simply implementing backend services requirements or building out servers we have the cross platform technology experience and knowledge to fully support new product initiatives.

Re-engineer and Optimize

The buzz words of the boardroom.  We can help you map processes, resources and outputs to best meet your objectives in an efficient and optimal way.  To complement the optimized processes we can design technology solutions to better support rather than define the way things are done.


We have certified Project Managers(PM) on our team and can facilitate ad-hoc PM and Business Analyst services to get things started or provide a fully resourced team of PM, designer, developers and testers to get your projects kicking.


Todays technology is all about process automation. Using process mapping techniques we work with you to define best practices and optimizie how technology can support the needs of your business.


From designing data warehouses and BI dashboards to simply redesigning how you receive information from everyday reports.  We use visual design + intelligence to reimagine your data!.


  • Infrastructure
  • Backend services
  • Database
  • Web
  • Third party integrations

We can address all architecture building blocks of a functional product from the ground up.